Taiwan – Hsinchu; Dinner at a local food place

Sorry for being so quiet here. Been more actively blogging on my travel blog site but anyway, I also do have to spend some time here for my food readers who are following this site.

This posting is on one of the local places that most Taiwanese will venture to have their simple meals. This one, I believe opens for  lunch and dinner but I was there for dinner. My Taiwan colleague brought me to little place in Hsinchu.

Small little simple quaint shop….

20140418-070815 am.jpg


Their menu (in Chinese) which I didn’t have a clue. So I let my colleague do the ordering for me.

20140418-070830 am.jpg


Pictures of food ‘hanging’ around

20140418-070842 am.jpg


more food hanging…..around

20140418-070855 am.jpg


Dishes that you can choose from. You just have to tell what you want and they will put it onto your plate.

20140418-070912 am.jpg


.. and this is what I have; 8 different dishes where 3 of them are meat. It was a plate full!!

20140418-070927 am.jpg


So, if you are in Taiwan, do make a visit to one of these small shop and enjoy their local meals. =)


Taiwan; Kaohsiung – Lunching a Set Lunch meal.

Hi… sorry for now having to post here more often. Been busy with my travel blog; Outlook in Life

Anyway, here to share with my readers a place that my vendor brought us for lunch in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It’s a set meal kind of lunch. Lots of choices to choose from as you can see from the menu below.

20140513-082346 pm.jpg

20140513-082355 pm.jpg

Hmmm.. What’s this? Can anyone give a guess? It’s one for each person.

20140513-082405 pm.jpg

Appetizer…. of 3 side dishes to start  off.

20140513-082412 pm.jpg

Light salad (which is free flow)

20140513-082418 pm.jpg

We ordered an extra side dish along with our set meals.

20140513-082425 pm.jpg

This is my set lunc meal. I selected the pork. Looks yummy, right?

20140513-082433 pm.jpg

and to finish is it off, sesame ice cream. yes.. another yummy desert down in my stomach. haha….

20140513-082440 pm.jpg

oh.. yes. It also comes with a drink too. =)

20140513-082446 pm.jpg

Definitely I would like to eat here again if I am at Kaohsiung.

Malaysia; Dinner @ Italiannies – Pizza & Pasta

Hi…. sorry the late posting over here. Been busy with travelling and also with my travel blog; This posting was way overdue. It was last Christmas with my family to the pizza and pasta restaurant; Italiannies. Here’s the menu….

20140408-102734 pm.jpg

20140408-102746 pm.jpg

Served with freshly cooked bread with olive oil and vinegar dipping mix while waiting for the main course to be served. Loved the bread as they were freshly cooked. In fact, asked for a few serving of their breads. =P


20140408-102758 pm.jpg

So.. what was the ordered? This was what they recommended. Smoked salmon pizza…..  yup pieces of salmon on top of the pizza. 20140408-102808 pm.jpg

Ham and mushroom

20140408-102818 pm.jpg

I love this salad.. Sicilian chicken salad

20140408-102826 pm.jpg

Free kids meal.

20140408-102836 pm.jpg

Classic carbonara pasta

20140408-102845 pm.jpg

Shrimp & asparagus Alfredo

20140408-102852 pm.jpg

Nice place to have a meal with family and friends. =)

Malaysia; Lunch @ Restaurant Hing Loong’s Roasted Duck

Hi there… Sorry for another late entry. Been busy with my travel blog; Outlook in Life as I still have lots of posting queuing up there from my recent and previous travels.

Anyway, today I will be sharing on my food trip to a place for roasted duck at one of the industrial area; Glenmarie, Shah Alam which I could not even think would have such nice roasted duck. A matter of fact, one of the best I had. I was told by my colleagues that even his friends from Hong Kong said that the roasted duck here was one of the best they tasted.

This is the shop which is located along a row of shop houses. In fact there a few other shops selling roasted duck too but these is the one to come to eat.

20140408-102600 pm.jpg

We arrived there before noon to beat the crowd as past noon, it will be packed as most of the people who comes here were from the factories and also offices nearby.

Aside from roasted duck they also sell roasted pork too which is worth trying. The roasted skin is so crunchy!!

20140408-102607 pm.jpg

I had my roasted duck with dry noodle (wan tan mee). You can choose from 3 size; small, medium or large plate. They also had chicken rice or porridge too to choose from.

20140408-102616 pm.jpg

… and here comes the roasted duck and we ordered the roasted pork too. We also ordered some other side dishes too (which I did not capture as the duck was ‘flying’ off the plate at great speed. I had to catch it fast before it ‘flies’ away. haha!!!!)

20140408-102625 pm.jpg

All I can say was… damn yummy. Usually I do not eat the ‘bishop’ nose (if you do not what that is, do ask me), but this one was done so well and tasted damn good. =)

I will definitely come back here again to eat (which I did with my family at a later time)

Damn.. writing on this is already making me drool. LOL!!!

Malaysia; Lunch @ Japanese Restaurant Azuma

One of the places I stopped for lunch. It was a Japanese restuarant in one of the shopping mall in Penang; Azuma.

20140408-102323 pm.jpg

Ordered their fried chicken set. (can’t remember as it’s been a while)

20140408-102333 pm.jpg

and their garlic rice.

20140408-102341 pm.jpg

Anyway… it was a light lunch for me. =P

Maybe the next time I will try other food from the menu. =)

Malaysia; Lunch @ Eurodeli Beirgarten

Sorry being quiet over in this blog. I was busy on the travel blog; My Outlook in Life as I still have lots of posting to post up. Do drop by in there to see what I mean. =)

Dropped in this restaurant; Eurodeli Beirgarten which was in Gurney Plaza. It also has outdoor sitting tables for customers.

We went there for our lunch and saw a set promotion worth trying.

20140408-102002 pm.jpg

cute paper table cloth…..

20140408-102012 pm.jpg

and yes they do also have the Eiffel Tower (ultra mini)

20140408-102033 pm.jpg

We had the set lunch which comes with …

appetizer; cervela with cheese

20140408-102043 pm.jpg

main course…

roast half baby chicken with herbs gravy

20140408-102115 pm.jpg

and German fish fillet pasta de tomate

20140408-102127 pm.jpg

and lastly .. housemade ice cream with nuts for dessert.

20140408-102140 pm.jpg

It was a nice meal. Worth coming here again if they still offer the set promotion. =)

Malaysia; Lunch @ Sin Lean Leang Restaurant

Another spot which was recommended to me. It is actually at one corner of the Georgetown, Penang and located the residential flats. Even myself, I will not venture in there and not thinking that the place has good food especially oysters. So, if you are a lover of oysters, then you should look for this place; Restoran Sin Lean Heang. There are others few more shops next them who are also selling oyster noodles but are not so popular.

20140305-094312 pm.jpg

..but be warned, you may have to wait up to an hour or more to get your 1st dish to be served. Yup… that’s how popular this place is with the locals. Heard that they only open for lunch onwards and close on Sundays.

After waiting patiently for more than an hour, our 1st dish arrived. Fried oyster noodles. This is most popular dish.

20140305-094320 pm.jpg

Fried oyster with bee hoon.

20140305-094326 pm.jpg

Fried oyster with egg

20140305-094331 pm.jpg

Fried oyster with mee suah with stewed pork.

20140305-094336 pm.jpg

Fried seafood tau foo.

20140305-094341 pm.jpg

.. cant remember this dish. It is a soupy dish. =P

20140305-094346 pm.jpg

Overall…. it is a good place and definitely I will be going here again. (haha.. a matter of fact in a few weeks time). As for the price, it is bit quite pricey for a average looking shop but what do you expect when you are having 4 dishes that has oyster in them. =)

Malaysia – Dinner @ A Mex – Mexican Restaurant

Hi!! More food. Yup this time is Mexican food in Malaysia. A matter of fact, there are not many restaurant that sells Mexican food in Malaysia.am not sure whether this is a real deal.. meaning close to the real real Mexican food in Mexico).

Anyway… here’s menu. It is a dinner set meal for 4 pax.

20131031-103628 pm.jpg

Choices of sauces….

20131031-103634 pm.jpg

The restaurant interior which they tried to made is more like …. (not sure what is the right word =P)

20131031-103640 pm.jpg

Here the food. Starters.. nachos (corn chips with salsa topping)

20131031-103646 pm.jpg

20131031-103652 pm.jpg

Followed by Quesaidilla (Mexican pizza)

20131031-103701 pm.jpg

20131031-103708 pm.jpg

Grande Fajitas (Mexican rice w MEX Salsa) served on hot plate

20131031-103713 pm.jpg

20131031-103718 pm.jpg

20131031-103723 pm.jpg

20131031-103728 pm.jpg

and lastly dessert.. churros top with cinnamon sugar and choc sauce on the side.

20131031-103734 pm.jpg

It was not bad as it was my 1st time though I have tired nachos many times but it was my 1it on the others.

Breakfast @ I Mum Mum

Welcome back… I know it’s been a while since I share some food munching post.

Been here before but it’s been quite a while. There has been other branches that pop up but this is the original stall. The name of this stall is really cute. The ‘mum mum’ here is not mother mother but actually is meant ‘to eat’ in Hokkien in a baby talk. Haha!!

The original stall opens early in the morning; 7am till 3pm (or earlier if they finish their stock). They are selling pan mee both dry and soup and other side dishes.

Their menu…


Crispy pork pan mee (dry)


Minced pork pan mee with special sauce


Spicy pan mee


Overall.. it tasted good. Been here a few time already and also to their other branch in Penang.

Taiwan – Hsin-chu; Wei Ya dinner 2014

In Taiwan, many companies will organize a Wei Ya; a traditional annual celebration for Tu Di Gong (the earth god, also known as Fude Zhengshen, the god of wealth and merit) on the 16th of the 12th lunar month in Chinese society where they treat their employees to a banquet as thanks for their hard work throughout the year.

My company also had this celebration a few weeks before the Lunar New Year when I was there in Taiwan for a business trip. (sorry for the late posting.. haha after the lunar new year)

The menu for the dinner; a 11 course dinner.

20140202-105312 pm.jpg

BBQ Combination Platter

20140202-105322 pm.jpg

Deep fried shrimp cakes

20140202-105342 pm.jpg

Braised mushroom with vegetables

20140202-105402 pm.jpg

Stewed scallop soup with seafood

20140202-105420 pm.jpg

Steamed fresh fish with green onions

20140202-105437 pm.jpg

Deep fried pork spare ribs with orange sauce and sweet potato

20140202-105455 pm.jpg

Stewed chicken soup with Chinese herbs and yam

20140202-105510 pm.jpg

Steamed glutinous rice with BBQ meat

20140202-105527 pm.jpg

Overall the dishes was nice that followed with games that was organized by my colleagues in Taiwan which we had fun playing.